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This report provides simple tips to include in your day-to-day that will have a positive impact on the process of converting food to energy.

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Welcome to the world of mind and body success strategies for midlife women.

A healthy body, and one you feel good in, is the basis for success in all areas of life, business, relationships, and dreams realized. If you need help getting there, visit the services page to request your FREE strategy session!

Mission Statement

My mission is to free women from the tyranny of old information designed to keep us fat, medicated, and feeling like crap. To teach women the truth about what works at midlife and what doesn’t so that they can live a big, juicy second half.

Who We Are

We are Gregory Anne Cox, chief coach and creativity officer along with the many experts whose work I rely on to provide you with as much truth as I can. Truth about our changing bodies, weight gain, heart disease, drugs, natural and alternative therapies, hormones, and making the most of the dreams you were given.

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What I do

Quite simply, I coach and consult. When it comes to changing your body—especially when what used to work no longer does—you need consulting and coaching. The consulting part tells you what to do and how, the coaching keeps you on track and challenges you to go deep in creating what you say you want.

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Golden Brown Is the New Black

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