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This report provides simple tips to include in your day-to-day that will have a positive impact on the process of converting food to energy.

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Welcome to the world of mind and body success strategies.

A healthy body, and one you feel good in, is the basis for success in all areas of life, business, relationships, and dreams realized. If you need help getting there, visit the services page to request your FREE strategy session!

Mission Statement

Healthy people show up! It’s more confusing than ever today for people to know what will get them and keep them healthy. And the conventional wisdom is not the best place to look. I’m on a mission to help people and teams discover what works and create simple action steps that fit busy schedules without deprivation.


In order for change to stick we need information and inspiration. My intention as a speaker is to get the audience thinking, laughing, and sometimes crying so that they want to take action. The topic of health is engaging when it touches people’s dreams and desires for their lives and their success. Let me customize something for your people.

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What I do

Whether I’m coaching one on one, running a group, or in front of a room leading a workshop or keynoting I tell people the truth about food and health so that they can make choices that give them the results they want. It’s a confusing world when it comes to health and nutrition advice. I make looking and feeling good simple. Best of all, the daily actions don’t have to take a lot of time.

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Coconut: Holy Grail or Simply Good For You?

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Coconut: Holy Grail or Simply Good For You?

This week I received 3 newsletters from trusted sources discussing the merits, and limits, of the coconut’s powers. This is one versatile seed! Like so much else in the world of health there is truth, science and marketing. I’m about to separate them and give you the facts as we can prove them today. Truth […]

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